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How to Buy a Hook Up to Play an iPhone on a Toyota Car Stereo

How to Buy a Hook Up to Play an iPhone on a Toyota Car Stereo

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iPhone Car Adapter

The success of portable MP3 players, particularly the Apple iPhone, has resulted in options available to those interested in connecting their device to their vehicle's stereo system. Toyota offers adapters to connect newer vehicles with iPhones, many which are available at electronics retailers.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Toyota Part Number PT545-00082
  • Car Stereo USB ports
  • Car lighter/adapter port
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      Visit a Toyota dealership if you have a 2007 or later vehicle. Certain Toyota vehicles can be outfitted with an iPhone integration kit that displays song information and controls on the car's steering wheel. To avoid for confusion, when purchasing the part, ask for part PT545-00082. If this route is chosen, the kit can be installed at the Toyota dealership.

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      Visit an electronics retailer such as Best Buy or RadioShack to purchase a universal MP3 to car stereo adapter if your Toyota is not compatible with the iPhone integration kit. This option is more affordable, though it lacks some of the functionality of the Toyota-specific kit.

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      Shop online for the adapter. Many are available on Amazon.com or used on Half.com. The most popular iPhone FM transmitters include the iTrip, RoadTrip and iTube 201 Auto. FM adapters work by connect to your iPhone and transmitting a weak radio signal that can be picked up by your car's stereo.

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      Purchase a 1/8" audio cable if your car stereo features an audio-out jack. The cable will feature on both ends the same connecting tip found on consumer-grade headphones.

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      Connect your iPhone to your car stereo's USB port if it has one, as newer models commonly do. You will be able to use the cord that came with iPhone. Make sure that the hook-up you purchase is compatible with your vehicle. Many connect to the car's lighter/accessory port. If that is not an option, adapters are available that connect to the car's tape deck.

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