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How to Clean a Toyota 4 Runner Fuel Injector

How to Clean a Toyota 4 Runner Fuel Injector

The smallest of a car's mechanical problems can eventually wreak havoc when fuel injector problems are the cause. If a fuel injector problem is not repaired or replaced, it could lead to costly damages to your engine or, at the very least, hamper its performance. Fuel injectors come in two different types. The throttle body system shows little to no difference in the performance if cleaned. With the other, the port injector, cleaning is crucial.



things you'll need:

  • 1 bottle of fuel injection cleaner
    • 1

      Drive your 4Runner to the nearest highway.

    • 2

      Accelerate hard to allow fuel to spray through the injectors in a vast amount and quickly. Hopefully, doing so will allow the rapid rush of fuel to break loose or flush away the gummy deposits that have collected inside the tips of the valves. If this step works you will see immediate signs. The rough stalls and idles should improve. (Obviously, be careful while accelerating, and follow all road rules.)

    • 3

      Proceed to step four if steps one and two fail to work.

    • 4

      Add fuel injection cleaner to your fuel. Some will tell you the brand is crucial, when in truth most brands are made of the same chemicals. If accelerating hard shows no sign of breaking the deposits loose that have collected inside the injector, add the fuel injection cleaner directly to your fuel tank. This will allow the cleaner to move with your fuel into the fuel injector and work the way it's supposed to.

    • 5

      Drive your 4Runner. The cleaner doesn't work on its own, and it's important to drive it like normal to allow the cleaner to flow. Again, if steps four and five work you should see immediate results. This should help with the hesitations and poor acceleration as well as the rough stalls and idles. If the results aren't so apparent or if there are no results at all, see the Warnings section for further advice.

Tips & Warnings

  • If neither of the common methods work, it may be time to take your vehicle to a service station. They may have a more powerful method to clean it, or something more serious could be wrong.

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