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How to Troubleshoot a 2007 Toyota Corolla CE

How to Troubleshoot a 2007 Toyota Corolla CE

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If the alignment on your 2007 Toyota Corolla CE is off, you may have to replace the tires earlier than normal.

The Toyota Corolla was first launched in 1966. It has gone through numerous re-designs and upgrades in its 45 year history. In 2007 it became the single highest-selling vehicle, with more than 35 million sold since inception, according to Toyota. From time to time you may need to troubleshoot your 2007 Toyota Corolla CE if the car is not functioning properly. Troubleshooting any vehicle begins by identifying the where the problem is, then eliminating possible causes of it.



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      Drive your 2007 Toyota Corolla and observe any unusual sounds or vibrations coming from the car. If the car is pulling to one side of the road, or feels like it is slightly shaking from side to side, then you should have the alignment of the car inspected. If not corrected, the tires on your Corolla will wear unevenly and will require replacing soon than they would normally.

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      Turn on the air condition and the fan motor and confirm that both are functioning properly. If the fan motor is not working at all, open the fuse box and use the included fuse tweezers to remove the fuse for the fan motor. Inspect the plastic end of the fuse to see if the metal strip is broken. If so, the fuse is blown and needs to be replaced.

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      Observe how your Corolla responds when you apply the accelerator. If the car hesitates slightly you may have a plugged fuel filter. Internal combustion engines require the right mixture of air and fuel in order for them to function properly. If there is not enough fuel getting into the cylinders then the car may run rough or you may notice a decrease in acceleration. Turn the Corolla off, open the hood and remove the in-line fuel filter. If the filter is plugged replace it with a new one.

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