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How to Buy Used Toyota Cars

How to Buy Used Toyota Cars

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Buy a used Toyota.

In 1958, the first Toyota, a Toyopet, was sold in California. In June 2010, the Camry was the third most purchased vehicle, while the Corolla was sixth. Because of this popularity, finding your new Toyota should prove an easy task.

  1. Payment

    • You can buy a used Toyota by financing or paying cash. Depending on the year and mileage of the vehicle, you may be able to take out a loan. Loans are subject to vehicle equity, so older or classic models may require a cash payment or a personal loan for funds.


    • To buy a used Toyota, you can check used car dealers, Toyota dealers and private sellers. You can expect to pay the highest cost at a dealership, but either the used car or Toyota dealer may offer a warranty. Private sellers are lower priced, and some vehicles may still have manufacturer warranty coverage, depending on the year.


    • Used Toyota vehicles are often thought to be the most reliable. However, J.D. Power dependability studies show only a slightly above average dependability rating (Lexus, Porsche, Lincoln and Buick scored best). If looking to buy a used Toyota because of perceived reliability, understand that maintenance history is very important. The future reliability of any used car depends largely on how well it was previously maintained, and Toyota vehicles are no different.

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