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How to Improve Toyota Tacoma Gas Mileage

How to Improve Toyota Tacoma Gas Mileage

The Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that has been on the market since 1995. The Tacoma was named "Truck of the Year" by Motor Trend magazine in 2005 and is a popular model among truck enthusiasts. Like many pickups, inefficient gas mileage is a concern for drivers. The 2009 Tacoma gets an estimated 20/20 miles per gallon (mpg), but older models get considerably less than that. Keeping up with maintenance can help you improve your Toyota Tacoma's gas mileage.



things you'll need:

  • Tacoma owner's manual Air management system
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      Check your Tacoma owner's manual to see what type of motor oil is recommended for your specific model. The Tacoma has gone through some changes over time, so that not every year has the same engine. Using the manufacturer's recommended oil can help improve gas mileage.

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      Keep your pickup's tires inflated properly and aligned correctly. Tires that are not full to the recommended capacity create more drag on the road, and thus a lower gas mileage rating. You can find the air pressure specifications on the inside of the front door of your truck.

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      Use the four-wheel drive feature on your truck only when you are driving in inclement weather or on rough terrain. If you use 4WD all the time, your gas mileage will decrease.

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      Reduce the drag on your truck by lightening its load. Instead of storing heavy equipment and other cargo in the cab of your Tacoma all the time, store it elsewhere until you need it. The lighter weight of your truck can help improve the gas mileage.

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      Stick to posted speed limits. Fuel economy becomes less efficient when you drive faster.

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      Consider adding an air management system to your Tacoma. An air management system is a component that fits inside the intake hose and improves air flow. Gas mileage may increase due to the increase efficiency of the air flow to your vehicle.

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