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How to Replace the Rotor in a Toyota Corolla

How to Replace the Rotor in a Toyota Corolla

If your trusty Toyota Corolla isn't so trusty any more when you hit the brakes and instead is pulsing and shuddering to a stop these days, then it's time to replace the rotors. Rotors, also known as brake discs, don't need to be changed very often, but if they get worn down or warped and can't be resurfaced, then it's time to make the change and install new ones.



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      Buy a new set of rotors for your Toyota Corolla at your local auto parts store or order them online. It's best to swap all of the rotors out at the same time, but at the very least you need to replace the front or rear end pair at the same time to maintain even braking performance.

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      Raise your Corolla and block the wheels that you aren't working on to keep your car from rolling while you work. Remove the first tire and wheel assembly with a socket wrench or air ratchet.

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      Drain the brake fluid from the master cylinder with a clean syringe, turkey baster or a siphon to prevent brake fluid pressure build up and fluid overflow.

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      Remove the union bolt and gasket from the rotor and then disconnect the brake hose. Slide the rotor cylinder sub-assembly off and then remove the brake pad kit. Next, remove the brake rotor support plates from the cylinder mount.

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      Unfasten the two cylinder slide pins from the brake rotor cylinder mount. Then undo the two bolts and take off the brake cylinder mounting. This should free up the rotor so that you can remove the old rotor and set it aside. Clean the area with a damp cloth to remove and dirt or corrosion.

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      Install the new rotor onto the axle hub. Tighten the rotor holding screws and torque to 76 ft. lbs. (103 Nm). Replace the brake cylinder mounting, bolts and cylinder slide pins. Install the brake rotor support plates, brake pad kit and then put the rotor cylinder sub-assembly back into position.

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      Tighten the gasket and union bolt. Repeat this process for each additional rotor. When you're done, refill the master cylinder with new brake fluid. Install the wheel assembly and tires. Lower your Toyota Corolla, tighten and torque the lug nuts and then test drive your car to make sure the new rotor installation was successful.

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