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How to Use a Toyota Manual Shift

How to Use a Toyota Manual Shift

A manual or standard transmission require a car driver to shift gears manually, as opposed to an automatic transmission, in which the gear shifting occurs automatically. While it may take practice, using a manual transmission is not difficult. It requires more physical movement, because both feet are used as well as the right hand. There are typically 5 or 6 gears in a Toyota.



  1. Toyota Manual Shift Use

    • 1

      Use the left foot to press the clutch to the floor; the car can be started either in neutral or first gear.

    • 2

      Using the standard "H" pattern, depress the clutch and use the stick shift to put the car in neutral. This is the center area where the stick will move freely from side to side with the clutch released.

    • 3

      From neutral, depress the clutch with the left foot and shift the car into first gear. This is the position all the way to the left and up.

    • 4

      Slowly release the clutch while slowing giving the car gas; this will allow the car to move forward. This process can also be used for reverse, which is located to the far right of neutral and down, or in a six-speed standard transmission, all the way to the right and up.

    • 5

      Move through the either 5 or 6 gears by releasing the gas pedal, depressing the clutch, moving the stick to the corresponding position and giving the vehicle gas while releasing the clutch.

    • 6

      Down shift by reversing the process of moving through the gears, from fifth or sixth down to first.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always use first gear to begin driving from a stop.

  • Practice moving through the gears with the vehicle off to get a feel for the clutch and the manual shift. Have a second person with you in an open parking lot until getting the feel of the clutch and gas.

  • Be aware to not depress the clutch and hold it depressed during regular driving conditions; this will wear out the clutch

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