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How to Customize a Toyota Avalon

How to Customize a Toyota Avalon

Toyota was first launched in mid-1990s, and it is still manufactured today. It's a full-sized sedan and a solid performer with V6 engine, according to Edmunds, an automotive information website. The current model of Avalon 2011 has been completely overhauled and has a refined design as well as many mechanical improvements. If you're considering purchasing the new model, you can go to Toyota's website and customize the car to add and remove the specifications. After customizing, you can order this car to be designed for you.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Go to Toyota's website (see Resources) and click "Build Your Toyota." You will then be prompted by the website to enter your zip code.

    • 2

      Select "Avalon" from the page that opens and click "Build Your Avalon."

    • 3

      Click "Step 1: Trim." Select whether you want manual or automatic 6-speed transmission. Also specify the engine size, for instance, 3.5-Liter V6.

    • 4

      Click "Next" and select the options you want for your Avalon. You can add options like voice-activated touch screen DVD navigation system. Each option will add to the total cost of the vehicle.

    • 5

      Select an exterior and interior color scheme for your car, and click "Next."

    • 6

      Add exterior accessories like paint protection film, wheel locks and rear bumper appliqué.

    • 7

      Add interior accessories like first aid kit, emergency assistance kit, carpet floor mats or remote engine starter. Each item's price will be indicated.

    • 8

      Add performance accessories like air filter, oil filter and oil cap. Then click "Next." Now the "Summary" page will open. This page will include all details about trim, options and accessories you added to your Avalon.

    • 9

      Click "Request a Quote," "Customized Brochure," or "Apply for Credit" for respective functions.


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