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How to Customize Your Toyota

How to Customize Your Toyota

With all the Toyota vehicles on the roads, you still can spot your friends on the highway or your own car in a parking lot. Customization allows people to brand their vehicles with unique expressions of creativity. Whether you have a double-cab truck, a Landcruiser or a Matrix, you can customize your Toyota to suit your individual taste. Customizing your vehicle can start with the Toyota components from the dealership.



    • 1

      Add ornamentation to the front bumper of your Toyota. Consider a set of longhorn steer horns, a bunch of coconuts tied together with rope or a Christmas wreath.

    • 2

      Add pinstripes to the sides of your sporty Toyota. Pinstripes are tacked on and come in a variety of colors.

    • 3

      Put decals on the rear and side windows of your Toyota. Collect decals when you travel, or purchase them at surf shops, bookstores or stores specializing in mountain climbing gear. Laminate a decal, punch a round hole at the top, add a slim silk rope or lanyard and hang it from your rearview mirror.

    • 4

      Purchase a personalized license plate. Vanity plates are available in a variety of styles. They can express your hobbies; animals, sports, your alma mater, astronomy and more. You also can add your name or favorite saying.

    • 5

      Get a custom paint job. Add tropical flowers, landscapes, portraits of loved ones or animals, or paint the vehicle in one wild or unusual color.

    • 6

      Glue toy dinosaurs onto the hood of an old Toyota. Liberally apply epoxy glue to hold the dinosaurs in place. Add hundreds of them to cover the surface.

    • 7

      Make a set of curtains to cover the rear and side windows of your sedan, truck or SUV. Make matching car seat covers to protect your upholstery.

    • 8

      Add custom track lighting along the side ramps. Your vehicle will be visible at night.

    • 9

      Mount a magnetic sign to the doors of your Toyota. You can advertise your business by creating custom signs.

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