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How to Replace Belts on a 1994 Toyota Pickup

How to Replace Belts on a 1994 Toyota Pickup

There are several reasons to replace the belts on a 1994 Toyota pickup. Due to the high temperature in the engine compartment, the belts can dry out, crack and sometimes break. The belts might just be worn out from age or be too loose, and glaze and break. Replacing the belts is fairly easy to do. The belts on your Toyota pickup are three different lengths and weights. Take your time and see which belt is first, second and third.



things you'll need:

  • Wrench set
  • Pliers
  • Socket and ratchet set
  • Wire brush
    • 1
      You will need a tool set to remove the battery. tools image by pix29 from Fotolia.com

      Take the battery cable ends off starting with the negative (-) cable first and then the positive (+) cable. Use a wrench and pliers for this task. Remove the battery hold-down bracket with a socket and ratchet. Take the battery out of the battery box and set it aside. This will give more room to replace the belts.

    • 2
      Use a tensioner to adjust the belt. detail of automobile engine. image by Petr Gnuskin from Fotolia.com

      Locate the power steering pump. The belt on the power steering pump has a tensioner with a bolt on it. Turn the tensioner bolt with a wrench until the belt is loose then remove the belt. Observe the way the belt is routed so you can replace it the same way or check the belt routing guide on the passenger side under the hood for reinstallation.

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      Remove the cover from the air conditioning compressor. Find the compressor's adjustment bolt and loosen it with a socket and ratchet. Push the compressor toward the engine and remove the belt.

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      Use a sochet and ratchet set to remove the A/C compressor. tools image by AGITA LEIMANE from Fotolia.com

      Loosen the alternator mounting bolt and the adjusting bolt with a wrench then push the alternator toward the engine. Remove the belt from the pulleys. The alternator belt is the last belt that comes off and is the first belt to go back on.

    • 5

      Position the new alternator belt onto the pulley and adjust the belt. Tighten the tensioner bolt and the alternator mounting bolt with the wrench. Double-check the belt to be sure it is tight.

    • 6

      Route the new A/C compressor belt onto the pulleys, adjust the belt and tighten the adjustment bolt with the socket and ratchet. Replace the A/C compressor cover.

    • 7

      Place the new belt onto the power steering pump and route it over all of the pulleys. Refer to the belt routing diagram for proper placement. Tighten the power steering tensioner adjustment bolt with the wrench.

    • 8

      Replace the battery in the battery box. Set the battery hold-down bracket in place and tighten it with the socket and ratchet. Clean both battery post and cable ends with a wire brush. Replace both battery cables, starting with the positive (+) cable first then the negative (-) cable. Use the wrench and pliers to tighten the bolts on the cables.

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