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How to Install a Toyota Corolla Interior Door Handle

How to Install a Toyota Corolla Interior Door Handle

There are numerous reasons to change the interior door handle of your Toyota Corolla. Whatever the reason, you can pay someone to do the job or you can do it yourself. You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Disconnect the battery cable under the hood. This is especially important if you have any electronic components in the door, including power windows, locks or security features.

    • 2

      Open the door and prop it open with a cinderblock or brick. This will make it easier to work without having to hold the door open when removing the interior door handle.

    • 3

      Attach a plastic white clip to the handle. You will have to slide it using needle-nose pliers. Move the ring in a complete circle to allow it to snap into place. Once this happens, turn it as far as it will go.

    • 4

      Slip the new door handle into the door with the handle pointing toward the door hinge. The hole of the handle should slide onto the rod that extends from the door. In models manufactured before 2004, you might have to insert the handle slightly in front of the door handle hole. If this is the case, slide it in there, then pull it toward the outer edge of the door. It should slip into place.

    • 5

      Secure the door handle using the screw that was removed from the old handle. If that one is unavailable, go to your local auto parts store to find out the size. It varies on different year models and feature packages.

    • 6

      Snap the cover onto the door handle to cover the screw. Test the door handle. Close the door.

    • 7

      Reconnect the battery and close the hood.

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