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How to Operate the Locks on a Toyota Previa Van

How to Operate the Locks on a Toyota Previa Van

How to Operate the Locks on a Toyota Previa Vanthumbnail
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The Toyota Previa comes with many standard safety features, including antilock brakes, seat belts, hazard lights and antiglare rear view mirrors. One of the most important safety features on any vehicle is the door locking system. Locking the doors helps prevent passengers from being thrown from the protective interior of vehicle in the event of a crash. Locking the doors can also provide a more secure antitheft deterrent. Of course the best lock in the world won’t help unless it is used properly.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Toyota Previa master key or sub-key
    • 1

      Insert the master or sub-key into the keyhole located on either the driver’s or passenger’s side door handle. Turn the key toward the front of the Previa to lock all doors including the sliding passenger side door.

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      Insert the master or sub-key into the keyhole on the driver’s side, passenger’s side, or sliding side door handle. Turn the key toward the rear of the vehicle to unlock the door. When inserted in the driver’s side or front passenger’s side lock, the key can unlock both front doors when turned twice toward the rear of the vehicle in quick succession.

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      Sit inside the vehicle. Locate the manual lock switch above the front door handle of the driver’s or passenger’s side. Press the lock switch forward to lock the door. Press the lock switch backward to unlock the door. Locate the sliding lock switch on the rear sliding door. Slide the lever toward the rear of the car to engage the lock. Slide the lever forward to unlock the door.

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      Open the sliding side door. Locate the child safety lock on the front of the doorjamb. Slide the lock lever down to activate the child safety lock. This will prevent the sliding side door from opening from the inside. Slide the lock up to deactivate the safety lock.

    • 5

      Insert the master or sub-key into the keyhole to the right of the back door handle. Turn the key counterclockwise to unlock the rear door. Turn the key clockwise to lock the rear door.

Tips & Warnings

  • Duplicate keys can be made by a Toyota dealer from the key number that came with the original key.

  • The master key will unlock all doors including the glove box.

  • On vehicles equipped with an automatic door lock, you can lock all doors simultaneously by pressing down on the forward portion of the power door lock switch, located on the driver's door arm rest. All doors can be unlocked by pressing on the rear portion of the switch.

  • These instructions are specific to the 1991 model. Other year models may have slightly different procedures.

  • All of the doors on a Toyota Previa can be locked without using the key, so always carry a spare master key in the event that you lock yourself out of your car.

  • Do not keep the key number plate with the vehicle or on your key chain. Keep a copy of your key number in your important papers file.

  • Do not leave the master key with valets or attendants. Leave a copy of the sub-key, which will only unlock the doors and start the car but will not provide access to the glove box.

  • A locked door on a Previa will remain locked when it is closed. Insure you have your keys with you before closing a locked door to prevent a lockout.

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